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BD4M, in partnership with Data & Policy, Launches Data and Migration Policy Special Collection

Posted on 19th of October 2021 by BD4M

In close collaboration with the Big Data for Migration Alliance  Data & Policy, an open access journal by Cambridge University Press, released a new Special Collection titled Data and Migration Policy. This series of articles will focus on the complex field of cross-border human mobility with an emphasis on the role of data in informing policy responses and humanitarian aid. Marzia Rango at the International Organization for Migration and Michele Vespe at the European Commission Joint Research Centre act as Editors for this Special Collection while Stefaan G. Verhulst is Editor-in-Chief of Data & Policy.

The Data and Migration Policy Special Collection currently features four articles exploring different issues from the intersection of data and migration policy. The first, by Madeleine Sumption, evaluates the use of large-scale population survey data in analyzing British immigration policies. James Dennison’s work discusses the ramifications of migration policy communication through the lens of Shalom H. Schwartz’s Theory of Basic Human Values. Ana Beduschi’s article unpacks the emerging data privacy and human rights issues of new digital identity tools and contact-free technologies that were developed in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The fourth article, by  Annalisa Pelizza, Stefania Milan and Yoren Lausberg, offers a potential solution to the challenge of data-(in)visibility for undocumented communities in the context of a pandemic

We are now inviting new submissions for the Data and Migration Policy Special Collection.

The journal welcomes a variety of articles by contributors within and outside academia for publication. Data & Policy focuses on the impacts of data science on policy, governance and public administration with six major areas of interest: Data-driven Transformations in Policy and Governance; Data Technologies and Analytics for Policy and Governance; Policy Frameworks, Governance and Management of Data-driven Innovations; Ethics, Equity and Trust in Policy Data Interactions; Algorithmic Governance; and Data to Tackle Global Issues and Dynamic Societal Threats. 

To learn more about submitting articles to Data & Policy, please see the journal’s Instructions for authors

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